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Thongs Boyfriend Material

Thongs Boyfriend Material

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Thong briefs in jersey made from a cotton blend with a mid waist and lined gusset. The cotton content of the briefs is organic.

Waist Rise: Regular waist

Style: Thong

Description: Black, Solid colour


  • Cotton 58%, Polyester 37%, Elastane 5%
  • Cotton 95%, Elastane 5%
  • Cotton 85%, Viscose 10%, Elastane 5%
  • Cotton 94%, Elastane 5%, Viscose 1%
  • Crotch lining: Cotton 100%

    Additional material information

    The total weight of this product contains:

    • 96% Organic cotton

    Material: Jersey

    Materials in this product explained

    • Cotton
      Cotton is a soft and versatile natural fibre harvested from the cotton plant.
    • Elastane
      Elastane is an elastic synthetic fibre made from oil (a fossil resource).
    • Organic cotton
      Organic cotton is cotton grown without the use of artificial pesticides or fertilisers and contains no genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
    • Polyester
      Polyester is a synthetic fibre made from crude oil (a fossil resource).
    • Viscose
      Viscose is a regenerated cellulose fibre commonly made from wood, but the raw material could also consist of other cellulosic materials.
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